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Metal assembly is the act of joining metal parts and components through processes such as welding, riveting, binding with adhesives, threaded fasteners, and more. In most manufacturing processes, metal assembling requires both automation and human labor. We at Perfmet know how much important accuracy is in metal assembling and we focus on precise metal assembling. If a product is assembled poorly, the longevity and functionality of the product are immediately compromised. Your choice of assembly method usually depends on factors like cost, the requirement for a permanent or temporary solution, the kind of metal parts to be assembled, application, and more. Also, the strength and durability of the product play a huge role in the type of assembly method that will be used. Perfmet engineering is a reliable and professional engineering company offering comprehensive product solutions

Types of metal assembly which are used by us:

There are several types of metal assembly which are as follows:

  • Mechanical assembling:

Mechanical assembling is the process of putting together components on an assembly line. In addition to this, it also refers to an assembled product or part made in this way. This involves using different kinds of fasteners such as nuts, screws, bolts, and more, to assemble or join several parts together.

  • Welding:

This involves fusing two or more parts together to become a single part. This method is ideal for    creating assemblies that are permanent, structural, and require strength.

  • Riveting:

Riveting is similar to welding. However, it is cheaper and provides less strength. This type of metal assembly is great for assembling and parts that need shear strength. Riveting is often used for metal parts and components that are used for processes that encounter unstable pressure and temperature.

  • Soldering: 

This requires melting a filler metal and using it to bond two metal components together. This type of metal assembly method is used for electronic parts, plumbing pipes, gutters, flashing, and jewelry.

With its high reliability and performance, mechanical assembly is the chosen technique for a variety of applications such as automobile, telephone, machine tools, airplanes etc.  Mechanical assembly proves quite popular within the industry, benefits include:

  • Easy to test and inspect the products assembled.
  • Products can be easily disassembled and also reassembled in remote locations also.
  • Allows for press fit and screw assembly.


The selection of the assembling method usually depends upon the cost, kind of metal parts that need to be assembled and the requirement of the customer. We pride ourselves on efficiency and accuracy, maintaining a high standard of excellence in whatever we do. We at Perfmet focus on innovation, customization and exceptional service.

For more information on our metal fabrication services with assembling contact us today (08) 9209 1011 or request a quote at our website for competitive pricing and best quality.