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Sheet Metal Rolling

In our metal sheet rolling service we include cold rolling of sheet metal plates to all profiles and shapes, as well as cold section rolling of steel and aluminum profiles on a heavy duty turntable. This enables us to fabricate all possible complex curves and shapes while maintaining strong structural integrity without cutting and welding where possible. We can also work with simple, hand drawn sketches and do all the required calculations for you. We have the people, skills, tools and experience for any challenge, ensuring impressive results. We at Perfmet carry out projects from design concept through to delivering the finished product or component anywhere in Australia.

Also we can work with a variety of metals like:

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Structural Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Alloys and superalloys (should be corrosion resistance)

Perfmet has the latest and advanced machinery to handle all your steel fabrication needs. We have a reputation as Perth’s leading metal fabrication company and we are fully-equipped with everything from experience to skills, resources, and expert team to ensure the high degree of success to your projects. . At Perfmet we focus on innovation, customization and exceptional service whether the sheet metal work is small, large or heavy. We can help you from concept to engineering drawings, and production as we are a one shop stop solution for all your engineering works.

We offer a full range of standard sheet metal rolling services including:

  • Extrusion Rolling
  • Rolling Flat – on edge / on flat
  • Rolling Angle – toe-in, toe-out or as diamond
  • Rolling Channel – toe-in, toe-out or on edge
  • UB, UC & RSJ Rolling – on edge / on flat
  • Pipe Rolling – flat plane, spiral / helical
  • Tube Rolling
  • RHS Rolling (Rectangular Hollow Section)
  • SHS Rolling (Rectangular Hollow Section)
  • CHS Rolling (Circular Hollow Section)
  • Rolling Of Structural Sections
  • Complex section Rolling

We at Perfmet provide you with affordable service, quick production time and high standards of quality. Our team consists of highly professional and skilled engineers who have years of experience and we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standard in terms of efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction. We guarantee you that you’ll be more than satisfied and happy with the outcome we deliver.

For further information on any of the metal fabrication service including sheet metal rolling please contact us on (08) 9209 1011 or you can also fill out our form at website and we will be happy to help you with any queries.