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CNC Turret Punching

Turret punching involves pushing a punch through a piece of metal to create a hole. We at Perfmet offer CNC turret punching service that is cost effective and highly precise. We only use the best tools for our CNC services and are well known for the quality work we are doing over the years in the surrounding area. The turret puncher we use is a fast and cost-effective solution that enables you to have complex designs manufactured. Perfmet engineering is a reliable and professional engineering company offering comprehensive product solutions. We offer high precision, quality finishes, packaging and consistent, timely deliveries to clients near and far with custom design projects and specifications.

Turret punching is primarily used for relatively thin sheets, or when there are a high number of holes in a product. The efficiency is determined by the speed of the machinery and the number of tools on hand, and at IQ Metal we have control of both. Turret punching is suitable from batches ranging from medium to high volume, and we offer integrated shearing, tapping and forming. Advantages of CNC turret punching are as follows:

  • High punching speed and quality
  • Ability to hold tight tolerance
  • Minimal thermal distortion from heat
  • Optimum process for sheet metal plates up to 8 mm thickness
  • High utilization of the material
  • Versatile and efficient solution, easily customized to your specifications
  • CNC controlled for precision
  • A high number of tools available
  • Integrated shearing, tapping and forming
  • Integrated sorting

As a leading manufacturer of metal products, our team relies on Turret Punching to produce high quality and high volume usable parts in an efficient and effective way. Our CNC punching machinery produces clean edged cuts that meet your exact design requirements. At Perfmet we focus on innovation, customization and exceptional service. We deliver high productivity and remarkable cut quality at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on efficiency and accuracy, maintaining a high standard of excellence in whatever we do.

So, if your sheet metal component requires piercing like round hole, square hole, rectangle hole or any customized shape then you should explore our CNC turret punching components which are fully automated and up to mark. If you are looking for metal fabrication services then Perfmet is a one stop shop solution for all your general engineering works. We provide a wide range of metal fabrication solutions which are trustworthy and cost effective.

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